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The Process of How To Become A Member

  • Age Range:
  • 7-19
  • No of Students:
  • 1-40 (Clubs) 1-200 (Activities)
  • Cost:
  • Free

Welcome to Young Engineers Membership Registration and our process to becoming a member. Membership is FREE and is open to all UK resident students aged between 7 and 19 and their educational leader. We welcome students, teachers, educators, parents and youth workers to our membership.

The Process

Becoming a member is easy and here are the two routes to start your membership.

Route 1 – Membership Registration

Contact the Young Engineers Membership Team to start your membership process, the team will provide you with a membership form. Once membership is approved, an automatic email is sent with your member login details. You can use the form for first time membership and for re-registering a group. Brand new members are part of the specially designed programme Launch Pad, which has loads of ideas and activities to get you started.

  • Group Membership: Eligibility; students aged 7-19. Open to schools, families, youth groups, home educators etc. For example: teachers would register their school and parents with a child under the age of 16 would register as a family group.
  • Individual Membership: Eligibility; students aged 16-19. Open to older students looking to enhance their education. Both the student and school are registered and each receives a members login. The students has the added benefit of the Individual Student area.

membership process

Route 2 – Activity Registration

Engaging in any of our competitions or event days will entitle every student involved to a year’s Membership. Simply download the relevant activity brochure, complete the booking form and return it to Young Engineers. We will be in touch to confirm your activity booking and to activate your membership.

Remember, whichever route you use, you must have at least one student aged between 7 and 19. In addition, please note that we can only accept membership from UK based groups and students.

Activated Membership

Once you are a member you will be able to access our Members Site. This is where we keep project ideas, exclusive challenges and fun competitions. As well as useful information such as the Members Handbook, Ideas Bank and instructional videos. We even have a list of recommended activities from our partner organisations!

Membership Renewal

When your Membership runs out you will be contacted to renew your Membership. Once again membership is FREE. All you need to do is update your details and those of your student membership. You can use the registration form, simply list the continuing and new members and we will do the rest.

What Next?

So, if you want to be a part of our Membership Network, simply cget in touch through our contact email.

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