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    Young Engineers Membership is for You!

    Are you a teacher with a group of students? A STEM based club?  A parent, family or a Home Educator? Are you a student aged 7-19? Can you answer yes to any of those questions?  If you can, then our Membership Network has a place for you! So long as you have an interest in Science, Engineering, Maths or Technology (STEM) then you are welcome in our membership network. All you need to do, is make sure that you and your students have a desire to problem solve, to learn and take part in activities!

    Group Membership

    We welcome any sort of a group as members, here are some examples:

    • Schools
    • School clubs
    • Whole class or year groups for activities run in school time
    • Scouts, Guides, Air Cadets etc. or any other sort of existing group that wants to get involved
    • Home Educators either as a small family led group or as a joint community group
    • Family group with one or more children and a responsible family adult, parent, guardian etc.
    • Student aged 7-16, register through your school or as a family group.

    School based groups must have the main contact employed by the school, this can be a teacher, technician, etc. Furthermore, to be part of our Network you must have UK based students aged 7-19 in the group. In addition, the students should have an interest in STEM or take part in at least one STEM based activity. It should also be noted that a group leader cannot be registered to more than one group.

    Individual Membership – Students aged 16-19 Only

    57 Web Membership of Young Engineers is for all students age 7-18 i nthe UK

    If you are a UK student between the ages of 16 and 19 then you are eligible for individual membership. Your membership will be based at your school (if applicable) and will need to be endorsed by your parent/guardian. You and your school will receive separate login details. You will quickly see that there is a host of opportunities, support and engagements aimed at your age group.

    Meanwhile, don’t worry if you are under 16, you can still be part of our Network. After all, all you need do is get a responsible adult to register for Group Membership with you as the student member. Don’t forget you can invite friends or siblings to join the group!

    To register visit How to Join page.


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