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Inspiring Secondary Engineers

    From beginners to those with a burgeoning interest, we have a whole host of fantastic activities to help secondary students develop their engineering and scientific potential!  We offer project mentoring, competitions, activity ideas and in-school events fully delivered by our own Young Engineers team.

    Nearly all of our activities are free of charge, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors!

    Discover more, with our suggestions!

    • Have a go with our sample activities.
    • Kick start engineering or technology interests with Launch Pad. The start-up membership designed for schools, clubs and individuals. To get you started, use the beginner activity packs.
    • Take part in challenges such as Project Eggs Factor and Krazy Racers – share your solutions and see them on Young Engineers TV!
    • Enter Young Engineers National Awards. Secondary schools active with our Membership Network can compete for awards including Young Engineers School of the Year. Use the opportunity to highlight your amazing school engagements and demonstrate a whole school ethos for STEM.
    • Students 16-18 apply for our comprehensive Young Engineer for Britain Mentoring Programme. Students with bright ideas for science or engineering based projects will benefit. Due to the personal mentor at the National Physical Laboratory students develop ideas into projects and improve communication, presentation and marketing skills. Finally, the programme lasts five months and finishes with students competing in our National Awards Competition. Furthermore, we can offer students as young as 14 a place on the Project Advisory Scheme.
    • Borrow our loan kits to run a Making Knexions event in schoo. You can even do it in partnership with your local primary schools.  We loan activity kits and a full educators pack, enabling you to run a successful engineering interaction with your students. What is more, Making Knexions can wor kwith up to 220 students in one go!
    • Ask us to visit and lead you in an exciting STEM Challenge Event.  Young Engineers staff will guide your group through an educational and inspiring STEM based activity. The team member will teach your students team working and interpersonal skills as they design and construct their project solution. Choose an activity based on bridges, rockets, drag racers and hydro-electric generators!

    Secondary Membership is FREE!

    The generosity of our sponsors allows us to offer many of our engagements free to secondary members. And when students take part in any of our activities we can give them free membership to the Young Engineers network.

    Secondary students will enjoy and be inspired by our activities. Since we like to reward our student members, we give free membership packs to each student, these consist of a pencil, badge and rubber. The pack motivates and rewards success. In addition, we provide a little reward for our amazing group leaders who make it all possible. As an added incentive we offer small prize rewards for membership groups taking part in activities linked to Young Engineers.

    Whether you are a school, home educator or an interested parent, membership is for you and your students. Simply get in touch and find out more.

    T: 01428 727265  E: membership@youngeng.org.uk

    • Celebrate Creativity with Practical Hands on Learning

      This age group includes a massive range of abilities and experience, as well as a considerable range in the resources available for students to take advantage of. Our extensive UK membership helps to keep us informed of the constantly changing landscape Secondary teachers are facing.

      We are continually reviewing and adapting our activities and coming up with new ones to ensure we are providing you with relevant and supportive engagements to enable you to take your student’s engineering aspirations to the next level.

    • Encouraging New Skill Sets

      All our activities are written with the curriculum in mind, and support all STEM subjects. Our engineering challenges draw on student’s Science, Technology and Maths skills, creating a complete S(cience)T(echnology)E(ngineering)M(aths) experience. The team working, planning and time management aspects of the activities also create good environments to foster PLTs.

      You can start your students at any level. We have introductory activities introducing basic engineering concepts and building key skills, as well as a range of competitions which can see your students getting national and international recognition for their GCSE and A Level projects, earn valuable mentoring from industry experts and go on VIP tours of cutting edge engineering projects.

    • Part of a Community

      When you take part in a Young Engineers activity, you become part of our community. Whilst more and more schools are recognising the inter-departmental benefits, running engineering activities at school, especially at the beginning, can often be a solo effort.

      Our Membership pages give you the opportunity to connect with other secondary teachers, as well as including plenty of advice on how to improve and grow your STEM programme in school and get buy-in from your colleagues and Senior Management Team.

      Older students can directly access our membership pages through individual membership (16+) and can help them start their research into the world of engineering and the different engineering disciplines, get careers advice, learn about sponsorship opportunities and so on.

      Our Registered Members Area is packed with support materials and advice to help build your STEM programme in school and provides advice and inspiration as well as instant ideas on activities to run according to age.

      See our Testimonials and visit our Activities area to see the range of engagements your students can take part in.

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