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    We are delighted to share with you some of the encouraging testimonials we receive every year. Young Engineers is always keen to hear feedback from its membership. We love it when you keep in touch and we hear what you have gone on to do. For example Ruth Amos,  Young Engineer for Britain 2006 and a successful entrepreneur now sits on the Young Engineers board!

    Student Members

    “As a result of joining Young Engineers in Year 7, it has helped make Maths a lot more meaningful and interesting to me. Previously, I had seen Maths as a boring, but important subject that I didn’t really need. However being in the Young Engineers Club has showed me some of the amazing real world impacts that Maths has. Including measuring dimensions, angles, calculating speed, air resistance etc. This has helped me get better grades in Maths as it has showed me its relevance. Which therefore, made me more interested in it in lessons!” Kristyn Hudson Year 13

    “I cannot believe how much being a Young Engineer has affected me. The competitions and many projects we have taken part in has allowed me to meet so many interesting people. Winning National Club of the year has been the highlight of my life. And I want to be an engineer when I leave school. I don’t quite know what type of engineer yet, but designing and building things is what I want to do. All my grades have gone up as a result of my experiences. I am now a senior in our Young Engineers group and am proud to be a part of our club.” Alex Taylor Year 10

    Please read the comments from Charlie Spencer, o nhis Young Engineers experience. His testimonial is in the tab at the bottom of the page.

    Parent Testimonials

    “We would like to thank you for giving our son, Ben Ball, such a wonderful experience on the YEB Mentoring Scheme.  Ben is currently very busy studying for his AS Levels. But, we thought you might like to know that his Thermoelectric CPU Cooler Project has just been shortlisted for the Final of the Triumph Design Awards!”

    Sue and Frank Ball – 2016 (Update: Ben and his project was the winner of our 2016 YEB Duke of York’s Award for Creative Use of Technology. He went on to win the Triumph Design Awards.)

    Activity Testimonials

    YEB Mentoring Programme

    “As is mentioned in the Project Development Record, my most heartfelt thanks for all that you have done for me and for the project. I genuinely couldn’t (and probably wouldn’t) have done it without the programme.” Harry Smith – Student – 2016

    “Thanks for all of your help and for accepting me on the programme, I learnt a lot! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would advise anyone in the future to just sign up. This time last year I wouldn’t have believed that I’d get as far as I did!” Megan Jones-Tinsley – Student – 2016

    ” As I’m sure you can imagine, we have been delighted with the success that Richard Almond and Matthew Ardern have enjoyed.  Their participation has been of such benefit, both educationally and to their personal development. ” Graeme McKinna-Whitby – Teacher

    We have added in a personal testimony from Brad Stalker, please read his comments in the tab, below.

    Making Knexions

    “We were delighted to use the Knexions kit in our college both with year 8 and 9. The great thing about the kit is that it gives students a chance to build and explore the wind turbines for themselves. The activity allows full differentiation and is a fabulous way to engage students who are mechanically minded but often find the written aspect of the curriculum less engaging. We had several students who after having used the Knexions activity had a new enthusiasm for science and in particular engineering. The kit allowed them to see theory put clearly into place. I would recommend this activity to students of all age groups.” J0-Anne Gough – Teacher 2016

    “Thank you very much for loaning us the K’nex kits. The year 6s today had a great time, as did the year 9s supporting them. The activity was easy to run and the kits provided everything  that we needed. The pupils loved leaving with a badge and pencil as well as the certificates and the winners loved the water bottles. Again thank you for supplying all of this for us. I look forward to hosting more of your events next academic year as I believe these events help develop not just the understanding but the drive to continue in to STEM careers.” Katy Gough – Teacher 2016

    Energy Quest

    “Thank you so much for coming today, the students had an amazing time and I think it has really inspired them looking at engineering in a different light. I cannot wait to get started with looking at the kit box that was delivered today. I will keep in touch with you about how we get on.” Paula – Teacher 2016

    STEM Challenge Events

    “I have had really positive feedback and as always it was a real pleasure to work with you. Thank you for your enthusiasm and expertise which the children really get so much out of – and clearly remember many years down the line! Same time same place next year?” Kristen – Teacher 2016

    Past Members

    “I have been accepted to study Engineering at Queens’ College, Cambridge starting in October 2015. Thank you for all your help and encouragement. At my Cambridge interview, the first thing they asked me about was my week on the Renishaw Experience with Young Engineers.” Ciara Norris – Student 2014

    “I have some good news: I recently heard from MIT, which has offered me a place. I’ll be starting there in September to study Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering. I think the Young Engineers mentoring scheme played no small role in my admission, as it was one of the things I talked about in my application!” Richard Ibekwe – Student 2014

    • YEB Mentoring Testimonial - Brad Stalker 2016

      “I was quite emotional writing this, looking back over the program and everything we have been through, I’m looking forward to what is coming but it is nice to stop and think about what has been, thank you! 

      Personally though the programme I think I have developed very far. I have listed the transferable skills I gained from the programme:

      • Business interaction, from forming a company with other Mentored Students.
      • Better public speaking!
      • Envisioning my future in a more realistic fashion.
      • Inventing – bringing an idea to life. Learning how to do something new is invaluable because it means I have learnt how to innovate wherever I go next.
      • Independence, from working on my own and finding how far I can actually go on my own.
      • I have become a more creative person.
      • Developed engineering skills such as prototyping and CAD design that have a practical application in real life.

      I have gained lots of friends and connections forever from Young Engineers and I will never forget what has been given to me. The level of independence we were given has allowed our true colours to shine and this is what we are being judged on. I think the level of detail taken in by everyone on the programme, from the project manager to members of the board right through to the mentors and the students has been exceptional and allowed me to develop so much further than I could have possibly imagined. I am very grateful for that. This offers so much opportunity to make friends and connections that really make a difference to a life.”

      Brad Stalker, 2016

      Brad was selcted by us to attend the Intel ISEF in May 2016 – he went on to win a third place award! Brad was our highest scoring student on the mentoring programme, he achieved a well deserved Pass with Distinction Grade.

    • Making Knexions Testinmonial - Maddie Hathaway 2016

      Making Knexions is a highlight in the Midhurst Rother College Primary Outreach Calendar. We recently hosted our 3rd annual Making Knexions Event for Year 5 and 6 students from our feeder primaries.  As a school that excels in it’s STEM provision, MRC is YE School of the Year 2015. Activities such as Making Knexions, are a valuable resource to us. In addition to being a free, well equipped activity that is delivered by efficient and effective engineers, Making Knexions enables us to introduce KS2 students to subjects such as engineering at a young age. And to the exciting opportunities that careers in STEM will offer them in the future. The variety of skills this activity needed to complete the task means that all team members can contribute in some way. Quotes from primary teachers attending the recent event.

       “3rd year we’ve attended. It is one of the best enrichment events at MRC. Our children really enjoy the activity. Lots of thinking skills and teamwork. As a teacher it is good to stand back and see which children take the lead and how the group work as a team.”

       “So good for children from small rural primary schools who excel in STEM SUBJECTS to take part a large scale enrichment event, with other children of similar abilities. In addition to exploring their own solution to the problem, they are able to observe and consider the solution of the teams. An excellent event.””

      Maddie Hathaway – Teacher

    • Student Testimonial - Charlie Spencer Year 10

      “I have been in the Young Engineers club since Year 7 and it has helped me decide what options to take this year. Being a Young Engineer has helped me become much more confident and with all the projects we have made, I have learned so much and this has helped me in ALL my subjects.

      We have learned how to use Maths and Science in the real world. I want to be an engineer and help design cars when I finish school. Being a Young Engineer is brilliant and has helped me get better grades in all my subjects and allowed me to take Maths, Science and Electronics at GCSE.

      I don’t think the school would have let me do this if I wasn’t in our Young Engineers Club.” Charlie Spencer Year 10

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