Our Supporters

    Young Engineers is a registered charity and relies on the support of all of our sponsors, supporters and partners.

    With this support, we are working hard to inspire the next generation of Engineers. We encourage young people to continue to study the STEM subjects.


    Sponsorship can take the form of a simple donation, or can be more targeted.  Or, for example:

    • A sponsor may wish to support our Membership Network. Our ultimate aim is for all UK schools to be part of our organisation.
    • Sponsors can work with us to tailor an exciting sponsor branded competition, award or event(s) in schools locally and nationally.

    We have a wide range of interventions that can be woven into a bespoke package to suit the sponsor and its local environment.

    Who are our supporters?

    First of all, many of the companies and organisations have been supporting us for many years. They do this because we achieve aims, we meet targets, we spend wisely, we get results, and we are successful!

    Secondly, the bottom of the page shows our current supporters on a rolling ribbon. You can see all of the companies and organisations who believe and support the work that we do. You can click on the logos and visit their sites.

    When you become a supporter of Young Engineers your logo will also in the ribbon as well as on any page relevant to your support.

    Who to contact

    You should contact our Chief Executive Rod Edwards, to discuss how you can support Young Engineers.

    T: 01428 727265
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