Who Are We?

    Find out about Young Engineers, it is worth your while!

    Whether you are a teacher or parent wanting to find out more. Or, even a student looking to discover more about engineering. What about a company looking to help generate the next generation of engineers? Then spend some time with us and find out all about us and the work that we do.

    About Us

    Young Engineers is a national educational charity that promotes engineering through the practical application of science to all UK students aged 7-19 using our Membership Network.

    Young Engineers was founded in 1983 and throughout the years it has provided quality STEM interactions to schools and colleges throughout the UK.

    We have worked with over 1 million students. Providing encouragement and support, fun and excitement. We help students explore their potential within the fields of Science, Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM).

    We have supported teachers in several thousand schools to deliver educational related activities. From practical involvement in our competitions, to individual mentoring, to assisting with CPD. We have been instrumental in helping teachers shape not only their students future but their own.

    We have guided parents and youth leaders, helping them promote STEM to the young people in their care. By understanding how engineering surrounds our everyday lives they are able to direct their children into informed choices about their future.

    Young Engineers is a reliable, engaging deliverer of high quality STEM based interventions.

    Who wants to know more?

    Students, get involved in a variety of hands on activities. Get engaged and get excited, you can use your practical problem solving skills. Work in teams or as individuals. Our activities will provide you with a creative and dynamic learning tool. Students come and discover the potential of an engineering career.

    Teachers, use our activities to enhance the curriculum and to encourage your students to think in new and exciting ways. Our support will give you the confidence to try new things.

    Parents and Youth Group Leaders, whether you are new to STEM or an old hand, we can help you. Join in the activities and learn with the young people in your care. Have a go, don’t be afraid to get hands on. Discover how to make a homopolar motor or how to carry a Quails egg across a chasm. How about designing and making a weird and wacky car? Their are endless suggestions and activities for you and your children to try. When ready try inventing something!

    Supporters, support us whether you are a corporation, institution or an individual seeking to give something back. Work with us and ensure your future work force has the skills you need. Whatever and however you need our help, from bespoke challenges to in-school delivery. You decide, because Young Engineers is able to help.

    Whatever  your reason for finding out more about us, just remember that without the participation or support of people like you, we wouldn’t be here. So, thank you to everyone who has been with us in the last 30 years. We’re looking forward to the next 30 and to working with more amazing people!

    Contact Us

    Get in touch by contacting Young Engineers, you can call or email us, we are always willing to help. T: 01428 727265 E: membership@youngeng.org.uk

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