We welcome new and returning members to the Young Engineers Membership Network.

    Who Can be Members?

    Whether you are a school, student, club, family or home educated you can be part of our exciting free Membership Network.  Joining the Network is free whether you are a member through Group Membership or Individual (16-19 only). This means that any UK school age student (7-19) who takes part in any of our activities can benefit from being a member of our Network.

    Membership lasts for 12 months, we will contact you both in the month before and after your membership runs out to remind you to renew your Membership.  Continuing your Membership opens up additional benefits for each year you are an active member. Membership is entirely free whether you are new or ongoing.

    All new members will be entered into the Launch Pad Programme. This is our first year package for your Membership and through this you will get some exclusive benefits.

    How Do I Become a Member?

    It is really easy to become a member, simply visit ‘The Process‘ page and complete the registration form. Remember, membership is free and you get loads of benefits. Once registered we will provide you with your members login details, you will then be able to access the exclusive pages in our Members only area.

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