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Engaging Junior Engineers

    Young Engineers has years of experience in working with primary school aged students. Our experience continually develops as we meet the needs of our members. By engaging with teachers and parents we ensure our activities are relevant, interesting, fun and educational.

    First of all, we have created fantastic project ideas to introduce students aged 7-11 to the world of engineering. Look at the Ideas Bank to find a variety of suitable projects.

    Secondly, we provide guidance and support to group leaders on how to deliver educational and enjoyable activities. A valuable tool for both experienced and inexperienced group leaders is the Members Handbook.

    Thirdly, Young Engineers provides interesting, fun challenges and competitions for students to do at home or in the classroom. Primary students engage best when end goals are clearly defined.

    Furthermore, our experienced team can personally deliver exciting activities designed for the younger student.

    Discover more with our suggestions!

    • Have a go with our sample activities.
    • Kick start engineering or technology interests with Launch Pad, the start-up membership designed for schools, clubs and individuals. Use the beginner activity packs to get you started. Launch Pads’ handbook includes valuable guidance on how to make the most your membership.
    • Take part in challenges such as Project Eggs Factor and Krazy Racers – share your solutions to our challenges whilst staying put!
    • Borrow our kits and run a Making Knexions event in school or in partnership with your local secondary school.  We loan activity kits and a full educators pack, enabling you to run a successful engineering interaction with your students.
    • Ask us to visit and lead you in an exciting STEM Challenge Event.  Young Engineers staff will guide your group through an educational and inspiring STEM based activity. The team member will teach your students team working and interpersonal skills as they design and construct their project solution. Choose an activity based on bridges, rockets, drag racers and hydro-electric generators!

    Membership is free

    The generosity of our sponsors allows us to offer many of our engagements free to primary members. And because students take part in our activities we can give them free membership to the Young Engineers network.

    As well as enjoying and being inspired by our activities, we give free membership packs to each student: pencil, badge and rubber. The pack helps to motivate and rewards success. In addition, we provide a little reward for our amazing group leaders who make it all possible.

    Whether you are a school, home educator or an interested parent membership is for you and your students. Simply get in touch and find out more.

    T: 01428 727265

    E: membership@youngeng.org.uk

    • Celebrate Creativity with Practical Hands On Learning

      At Young Engineers we understand that we need to start early and that we have a golden opportunity to get 7 – 11 year olds hooked on engineering! We understand this age group, both in terms of the curriculum constraints and what will fire the imaginations of these incredible young minds.

      Our activities take advantage of Primary students’ predisposition to kinaesthetic learning. We recognise this group of natural young engineers will enjoy experimenting, and tend to be bolder in their approach and less hampered by the fear of failure that can hamper their secondary counterparts.

      Young Engineers activities incorporate scientific principles to provide a solid base upon which to build a practical solution whilst allowing creativity to blossom. Try them and see your classroom become a hive of activity, with every student 100% focused on task. Feel the buzz of the excitement they create as they carry their learning out of the classroom and into playground discussion before clamouring for more!

      Don’t just take our word for it. See our Testimonials! Visit our Activities area to see the range of engagements your students can take part in.

    • Encouraging New Skill Sets

      Engineering activities get students to pull together Science, Technology and Maths, creating a rounded S(cience)T(echnology)E(ngineering)M(aths) experience. We understand that STEM based activities are often the first time the students (and often their teachers!) have come across some key engineering principles. We provide support, including curriculum linking, to enable you to teach the skills required to tackle them.

      Our activities encourage students to carry out research on the proposed problem, plan a solution, draw their design, include measurments, consider the materials to be used,  consider cost and practical application. These project planning elements allows students to achieve a well thought through and better executed solution.

    • Part of a Community

      When you take part in a Young Engineers activity, you become part of our community. While more and more schools are recognising the inter-departmental benefits, running engineering activities at school, especially at the beginning, can often be a solo effort.

      Our Membership pages give you the opportunity to connect with other Primary teachers, as well as including plenty of advice on how to improve and grow your STEM programme in school and get buy-in from your colleagues and Senior Management Team.

      Our Registered Members Area provides advice and inspiration as well as instant ideas on activities to run according to age.

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